Controller Manager

Here’s another AddIn that I’ve made for Vixen 2.x that I find pretty useful.

I call it Controller Manager but I’m not sure that is the best name for it. It allows you to organize your channels into Controllers. These controllers act in a Renard style so adding a controller will assign the next x channels.

Once set up, it is very easy to swap channels. This also swaps the output. So, if for example, a triac goes bad on a winter night, all you have to do is swap the channels in the Channel Manager and plug into the correct plugs in the display. Easy peasy.

The best feature I think is the Label Maker. Once the Controller setup is done, just print labels to go inside your controller that has the local output number, the overall output number and the Name of the channel.

The interface is a little quirky so be sure to click on help for instructions.

Controller Manager

Label Maker

Controller Manager for Vixen 2