3d Object Sequencer Suite

This has been available for awhile but I just realized that I never published it on this website. Anyway….

Download: 3d Object Suite for Vixen 2

The 3D Object Sequencer Suite is a Vixen 2 AddIn and a Vixen 2 Plugin which will aid in sequencing 3d objects for your display. I suppose the most common 3D object people generally use is the 3D skull.

This version is basically a rewrite of the Skull Sequencer series with some tweaks and one huge new feature: You can now create your own 3D objects to use with the Suite!

Admittedly, it’s not extremely easy, but it is pretty neat! I wrote up a bit of a tutorial on how to do it on youtube

The release includes a 3 Axis Skull and a Snowman object.