3D Object Sequencer Suite

This has been available for awhile but I just realized that I never published it on this website.  Anyway….

Download:  https://dl.dropbox.com/u/43776767/ObjectModelSuite.zip

The 3D Object Sequencer Suite is a Vixen AddIn and a Vixen Plugin which will aid in sequencing 3d objects for your display.  I suppose the most common 3D object people generally use is the 3D skull.

This version is basically a rewrite of the Skull Sequencer series with some tweaks and one huge new feature:  You can now create your own 3D objects to use with the Suite!

Admittedly, it’s not extremely easy, but it is pretty neat!  I wrote up a bit of a tutorial on how to do it on youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZZUJjeBhqs

The release includes a 3 Axis Skull and a Snowman object.



Servo SSR Replacement board

The SSSRR was created for controlling hobby servos using Renard Controllers that use external SSR’s.  I chose to add isolation to the board.  While this is probably overkill, it’s really a better way to do it.

The project was designed in ExpressPCB and I tried to make it easily self etchable.  All PCB files are included in the download.

Servo SSR Replacement Board (277 downloads)

Renard Servo Controller

The Renard Servo controller was designed to be able to control hobby servos in line with my Renard controllers. It ‘speaks’ the Renard protocol so it can be placed directly in line with other Renard controllers.
The board was created in ExpressPCB and was designed to be self etchable(if that’s a word).  I’ve included all the ExpressPCB files in the download.

Renard Servo Controller (326 downloads)

In order to use this you will also need to download the Renard Servo Firmware.

Renard Servo Firmware (247 downloads)

ATX Adapter board

This board was created to make a workbench power supply from an old computer power supply. There are many sites out there that have instructions on how to modify a power supply to convert it to a bench supply but most of them require you to open up the power supply to make the modifications. I wanted something that I could simply plug in and go. This also will allow me to quickly change power supplies in the event that it goes bad.
The board gives access to 12v, 5v and 3.3v from the power supply. There is also an indicator light that will tell you when the power supply is plugged in.
The board was designed in ExpressPCB. It can easily be self etched. I’ve included all the files for download for anyone that would like to use this.

ATXAdaptor ExpressPCB files (327 downloads) ATX Adapter PDF files (256 downloads)

Renard 8 DC

This is my version of the Renard 8 origionally designed by Phil Short.  This version is strictly for DC control.  I added provisions for AC use but they have not been tested and I believe they will not work.  The pcb files were created using ExpressPCB.