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3D Object Sequencer Suite

This has been available for awhile but I just realized that I never published it on this website.  Anyway…. Download: The 3D Object Sequencer Suite is a Vixen AddIn and a Vixen Plugin which will aid in sequencing 3d … Continue reading

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This is just a test post to check if I can change the order of posts on a page.  If I can do this I’m going to consider using WordPress instead of Joomla in the future.  

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This site is simply a place for me to consolidate projects I’m working on or completed as well as a location for me to keep track of all my files. Feel free to browse around and let me know if … Continue reading

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Bitwise operators

& bitwise AND | bitwise OR ^ bitwise XOR ~ 1’s compliment >> right shift << left shift

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Tranistor Saturation State

Transistors: base resistor selection for saturation state. Need to know Maximum current load for the device to be turned on. Need to know minimum HFE for transistor. Divide (Maximum Current)/(Minimum HFE) to get the minimum base current Add 30% to … Continue reading

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Decimal to two 8 bit numbers

Example: 5813 1.  Divide the number by 256 : 5813/256 =  22.70703125 The whole number is the High Byte 2.  Multiply the whole number * 256 = 22 * 256 =  5632 3.  Subtract that number from the origional for … Continue reading

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Pic Timer Calculations

Overflow = 256 for 8 bit, 65536 for 16bit Delay in seconds: Delay = ((Overflow – InitTMR)*prescalar) /(Frequency/4) Value to put in InitTMR – delay is in Seconds InitTMR = Overflow – ((Delay * Frequency)/(4 * Prescalar))

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Skull Sequencer AddIn

The Skull Sequencer AddIn has been updated to work on both 32 and 64 bit systems.  In order to do this I had to use SlimDX instead of DirectX.  All the information you need is included in the the zip … Continue reading

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Skull Output plugin

Here is a sneak preview of my Skull Ouput plugin for Vixen. Known issues: Will not work within a program.  You need to disable it in the profile.

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Vixen Plugin Programming Tutorial

Here is the first in a series of tutorials I wrote to help beginners get started with programming custom tutorials for Vixen.  It is meant as an introduction geared towards non-programmers. There are 15 parts to the tutorial, all can … Continue reading

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